Destination Inspiration: Chicago

   I am not originally from Chicago, but it has become my home over the past eight years. So, this post is about being inspired to enjoy your own city as if you were on vacation in another (read: staycaction). One of the biggest events of the Chicago summer season is Lollapollaza, a huge music festival held in downtown Chicago. I haven't been a few years, because honestly, it is a huge mess. It's muddy, sweaty, and crowded. I am going this year, so I am reminding myself that amongst the muck, there is beauty. Music festivals have taken on a life of their own over decades, spawning trends like flower crowns. Another popular look is painting designs on the face. Lip and eye pencils are probably what most people have on hand to draw with, but if you really want to get creative, get the Makeup Forever Flash Palette. Endless possibilities. 


Makeup Forever Flash Palette,