The Do-It-All (Nighter): Nude Pencil

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 A common question that I get from clients, friends, and acquaintances is "What is the ONE product that you would absolutely recommend to anyone?" My answer: the nude pencil. This one little product can solve an array of beauty troubles, especially the troubles we have after a night-out. This versatile product can always be close by, because it fits neatly into a purse or pocket.

The most obvious use for this pencil is in the eye line. It's brilliant for when you wake up with red, irritated eyes. Just line the top and bottom water lines for an instant reduction in redness.

A less obvious use for this pencil is to cover blemishes. The little tip of the pencil is perfect for a precise application of coverage over even the tiniest breakouts.  Because nude pencils don't come in as many shade options as a concealer, don't worry about the pencil matching your skin tone perfectly (but it should be close). The coverage should be so small that you won't even notice.

Your lips can benefit as well. Try defining the outside of your lip with a nude pencil. It has the same effect as a lip liner, only it is more natural and it can even be done without wearing lipstick. It will also add a soft highlight. Don't forget to blend it out.

Similarly, try using this product to define your brow. Drawing a soft line under your brow line will give the brow structure and a soft highlight. I always say that the brow bone is the most important bone on a face!

There you have it. Four different uses for one product! Whether you're in a rush and need a little kick, or you've pulled an all nighter and need an ever-handy product, this is it!